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🕯Prayer with Props🕯

Updated: Mar 12, 2019


I have seen many new witches throughout the years, express concern when starting their journey. Many are struggling with how to start doing spells and rituals. Most say that they are afraid they will mess up if they try a spell, or they fear that they are not performing their rituals, or spells correctly. And quite a few also feel guilt as if they are betraying their religious upbringing.

I feel it is important when starting out, to approach your spells and rituals with a different mindset. I had the same fears when I first began.

But becoming a witch is just approaching prayer in a different way. You can pray to whichever deity you choose. Even more than one! Even a secular witch is, in essence, praying to the energies of the earth, elements, or the universe.

The prayer aspect isn’t much different than any religion.

But in witchcraft, you are adding things to boost that prayer.

When you are chanting, you are praying! Whether it be to a deity, or just the universe. By adding herbs, candles, etc, you are adding power to that prayer.


I came out of the “broom closet” recently to a close friend, who is Southern Baptist. She had the same initial reaction that many of you have also experienced. But I calmed her down by putting it in a different perspective.

“It’s prayer with props!”

Oddly enough, this seemed to satisfy her. Not only that, she has now become curious about witchcraft because she finds it kind of beautiful.


I also want those of you who are finding it difficult to sacrifice the time needed to perform your spells or rituals, to understand that it is perfectly acceptable to be a witch, or Wiccan, and not perform spells.

You read that right...

Performing spells is not the entire basis of witchcraft. It is a large part of it, but being a witch is much more than that. It is also a mindset.

The basis of witchcraft is the belief that all life is sacred and should be treated as such.

Live that belief, even if you don’t feel that you would like to perform spells!

Magic is all around us. And by channeling the essence of witchcraft in the way you live your life, and relate to others, you are still performing magic


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